『なぜ僕の世界を誰も覚えていないのか?』8 久遠の魂


Been editing my own translation...

Makes you think how hard it is for someone else to edit your translation
Ganbare, Potla!

I think Chapter 2 of Volume 3 is so far the hardest one to translate...

Not mentioning my awfully long break, it is so long and heavy, that I feel like it is been a whole volume

But now we need to edit it...




Oh yeah, yesterday was

But there is so many angry people that post
It is funny when you think that democracy is not working only
when you disagree with the decision

Ok so Sen no Kiseki 3 comes to PC

Fucking finally... I thought I gonna go for switch port otherwise...


Really, I'd take such cute Reiren home

I'd appreciate if someone could review my custom oneshot implementation

So I think I mentioned it before...

But I've been very busy due to my second part-time and remote job.
Now there are news: I got offer for a job in Japan.
So if all goes according to plan I'll be on the move during late spring
And no more second jobs soon too, so more time to TL

I'm not really fan of борщ but if it is from cute Seele then sure