My friend plays on global and he needs friends

Since I'm playing on JP I cannot really help him, but you can, if u want ;)

Next chapter is going to be some hot stuff

Chapter 5 is ready, I'll have to edit it tomorrow and will publish it after that

Sometimes I wonder how people approach translating vertically written text in illustrations...

Honeslty I'm myself having no idea how to do it properly sometimes

I'm looking for second editor to my translation of

Requirements are simple:
- Have better english than me;
- Be interested in

Optionally it is good to know some japanese and be familiar with gitub :D

There is something beautiful about being able to chew your own teeth

Though obviously it actually translates to clench own's teeth

wish @github would allow to see who blocks you...
interesting to know who is so progressive

Renewed my semaphore wrapper and extracted it into separate crate

Provides no_std fallback semaphore on atomics with spin lock in addition to OS APIs wrappers

Never forget @rustlang core team is ill with leftist cancer

My library yukikaze is a nice alternative to reqwest with its dependencies up to date ;)

COEs are normally valid for 3 months from the date of issue, but under these new temporary measures will instead be treated as valid for 6 months from the date on which entry restrictions from the applicant’s country of residence are removed, or until 30th April 2021, whichever is the earliest, provided certain conditions are met.

Just before I thought they lost my CoE, it suddenly arrived today so I technically can try to make visa to Japan right now...

Translation Why does no one remember my world?
Volume 3 Chapter 4

Sorry for a long delay.
I'm going to make a quick work of volume 3 during my vacation.

Note that it is not edited by Potla yet.