After all the things you've done to your community, you deserve to have Gab stripped away from you. You're no better than the left wingers you claim to fight against. Free speech my ass.

Microsoft, Paypal, Google, Apple... he's all yours.

No lie, I now have much more respect for @norio now for setting up Pawoo and fighting for us in the very beginning when Eugen tried to defederate it. ありがとございますのりおさん! 🙏

@DeadPhoenX Besides, he's worse than Minds. At least Minds has open source code. Should have known this would happen.

@luckyp3616 Also, I realized something today. Since the introduction of Gab, Torba's been pretty hands-off, mostly working behind the scenes on new features and updates to the site, and political shitposting on Twitter. He never had a problem with the site unless it was truly illegal. In the past few months, he's become a whole lot more active, and extremely political.

Then it hit me: Election Day is weeks away. And it's the Mid-term at that.

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