I've been thinking a lot about toddlers recently
You ever have moments when you’re like “fuck I wanna destroy child pussy I wanna ruin it” and then you’re like “I wanna just groom a naive toddler and cum inside her then send her back to her mom leaking.

I miss hentaibaby. Life was so much better there

Excuse me sir could you please spare some cunny for a lowly pedo like me?

rape, toddler 

Really old sketchy art thing, I know some of you like to see it anyways regardless, so here it is..

#rape #toddler #loli

I'm gonna impregnate kids and teens whether they want it or not, and no anti is gonna stop me.

Consent is just a suggestion. Sure, I could ask, but if they say no then I'm just gonna rape them anyway.

Embrace your instincts and recognize that when you look at your newborn daughter you don't see a human being but rather a meat-toy ready to be filled with your hot cum~!

As long as you clean up, no one will ever know ; )
All of the holes that I'm not allowed to fuck are the ones that I'm most attracted to. Babies, toddlers, preteens, dogs, horses, and so many more.

Shame I'm not gonna let society stop me~
Babies are the PERFECT size to grab in two hands, and jerk your cock with~ If that isn't a sign from nature that they're made to be cocksleeves then I don't know what is.
Don't shower. Don't sleep. Just jerk off to the endless stream of kid pussy, goon until your brain is completely fried and there's nothing left but pure pedophilic bliss~
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