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Made an element a while ago, forgot to post it:
I'm not usually as active on it as session, but if more people start adding me there, I will be

Last night planned on gooning all night... Came twice, got a snack, and went to sleep. I think I'm disappointed in myself

Roommate is gone until tomorrow afternoon. Time to hardcore goon for the next 12+ hours! Feel free to hit me up on session or element during that period.

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literally *every* time i masturbate i get the urge to piss everywhere why does this keep happening ,

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pedo transgirls are so fucking divine. they're literal deities to be worshipped

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Trans pedo 

Trans pedos turn me on so much like yes pump your cock to kids while I pound your sweet asshole <3

Oh, watched all of Cyberpunk Edgerunners last night, and holy fuck is it a good show. Easily the best anime to release in the past 5 years. I absolutely adore Rebecca

Bedwetting, diaper, grooming, incest 

Bedwetting, diaper wearing sister grooming her little brother. God I wish that was me

Was out of town, now backlogged on porn, will be playing catch up for the next few days :/

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Damn, that kid had to piss. I could hear it from the next room. Now I'm horny again

This is usually out of my AoA but something about this artist giving the children such slutty fuck me eyes is fantastic

If any of yall want the video, message me on element, it's too big for session's file limit, I pinned the address to my account :)

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Honestly if a , , , or was close enough to me in terms of distance and willing, I'd be more than happy to actually meet up and fuck. But I know that probably won't happen :/

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Found a cute video of a girl getting changed after playing in a pool and it's just~ 💯 Her tanlines, the video being high quality, the camera being up close, and the girl not having a care in the world about being naked in public makes it amazing

Is there a subtle way of asking someone I know if they're a pedo? other than just coming out and asking straight up? It wouldn't surprise me if she was since she's very openly into lolis, but since I've known her for a while, it'd be weird for me to just come out the gate swinging

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