Artist who made this fanart of me was called MianQ on Discord in 2019.

[2020 ASMR] Coni Gulping & Burping #5

An old audio I made. Very loud gulps in this one (among other things)

The gulps I made in this one are so loud....
I had to reshare it. This one's good. owo

published [2020 Patreon ASMR] Coni Eating Burrito & Gulping LOUDLY on pixivFANBOX!

Found these on my Dropbox!
Lucky they were still there :'3

Two zip downloads to get 47 tracks made by me,
from my 2020 Patreon audio.

published (Download Pack) 47 Tracks! ALL January & February 2020 Patreon Audio! on pixivFANBOX!

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