@RiceMonster @bachebitch96 Killed a CIA nigger in 1996 with my car. Scored one for the good guys.

@Chizu Lmao. "Plotting murder" means stuff like having weapons at the ready, maps of the victim's house, detailed plans to dispatch the body, not just yelling "ahhhh I wanna kill".

@Chizu Nope the only difference arises when the eventual rape takes place. Unless you think you are god and can predict the future.

@Chizu Then you are just being a vigilante anti lol. You can't just shoot people for what they think, or for what they say they think, or for what they say they want to do lol. You can only for what they *have done*.

@Chizu So what? I was *very* serious when I said I wanted to learn japanese. A fantasy is not "a joke", still, it's not real, it didn't happen.

@Chizu But "saying of wanting to do something in real life" it's a fantasy too. I'd argue it's the main way in which humans fantasize lol. I mean, when you hate your president you say, "how I want to kill him, in the land of camelot, with the elves and the unicorns"?

@Citrine @Wardyn @Sirnalay Because that would seriously hurt any child your age range, unless you had an *actual* micropenis you could sorta rub betwenn the labia to cum.

@Citrine @Wardyn @Sirnalay You misundestood, I just found funny your choice of words, I mean, even if the toddler "happily consents" it *is* gross the view of a grown up man trying to slide his sweaty hairy dick into a 2yo anus. If you called rapists "evil" I wouldn't have said anything.

@Citrine @Sirnalay @Wardyn Lmao someone who said, I quote: "Wish my dick was small enough to have penetrative sex with a toddler", is going around calling other people "gross". I mean, just the choice of word, call them "evil" if you wish, but the self-delusion is hilarious.

@Chizu @Spaghettimon It's not rape, the in-world explanation is that she has an unnaturally powerful pheromone :3

@Chizu @Spaghettimon Just a doujin lol. It's called bar peachpit sho chu rock.

@Chizu LOL I think h.b. users are frying your brain a little and making you more empathic toward antis :3

Just a tiny vent about gore shit Im trying to get off my back. 

@ShiftyButNifty How did this Rapey work?

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