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@sysrq @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist If you want to tell me children are scientifically unable to consent or whatever then you shouldn't defeat your own point by saying that a god also exists.
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist
If you need science to tell you pedophilia is wrong, you are beyond saving
@sysrq @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @EnjuAihara I have science to tell me that paedophilia is a good thing for children, how are you going to counter that when your only argument is "paedo bad, pleasee believe meee!!1!!!1!"
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist
Pedophilia is a demonic practice, these "people" who are telling you it's okay are moloch worshippers
@sysrq @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @EnjuAihara It is still unbelieveable to me about how retarded some people can be.
You know the bible promotes paedophilia?
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist
"No I don't believe in what you believe, but the Bible says it's okay"
You're fucking retarded nigger
@sysrq @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist Isn't the bible meant to be "god's message to the world" or whatever?
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist
It's the word of God and if you actually read that page you sent it clearly says it does not promote pedophilia, in fact go find a single verse that even remotely promotes it
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist
Why should I believe a bunch of larping faggots on twitter?
@sysrq @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @EnjuAihara Why don't you read the verses retard, that's something they don't exactly control.
@sysrq @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @EnjuAihara It's funny how you're talking aout truth when you believe in a god, nobody has managed to prove his existence but many people have been able to prove the origin of many other things that is claimed he created.
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist
Don't try to change the subject, you find a single verse that endorses pedophilia and actually read it, then show it to me, I'm not going to do your work for you
@sysrq @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @EnjuAihara There is no truth in the bible, except maybe that mary cheated on joseph and was a 14 year old.
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist
You arguments clearly carry no weight as you are trying to change the subject, there is no point in arguing with you
@sysrq @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @EnjuAihara I believe little girls can consent to sex with evidence, you believe in something that has been unproven over hundreds or thousands of years.
Yet you're trying to ask for evidence now, do you not see how you look more than a bit stupid?
@EnjuAihara @Chizu @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @sysrq no, I'm just a shitposter on the internet. I'd never actually threaten anyone with anything.
@Chizu @sysrq @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @sapphire "protecting family" or "thinking it's okay to touch kids" pick one
@JSDorn @MilquetoastQT @sapphire @TheRealist @sysrq @EnjuAihara Denying them the right to make the choice themselves is abuse, hence you are the abuser here.
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @sapphire @sysrq you don't know anything about children. They can't make decisions for themselves, that's why the ones with good parents tend to be one parents themselves.

It's almost as if making healthy choices perpetuates life and making unhealthy choices perpetuates death.

Thinking that "grooming" a child somehow absolves you of any moral responsibility is the height of self delusion.
@JSDorn @MilquetoastQT @sapphire @TheRealist @sysrq @EnjuAihara If they shouldn't be allowed to have sex because of "risks" then they shouldn't be allowed any healthcare, schooling or access to the outside world because someone might kill them!!1!.
@Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT @TheRealist @sapphire @sysrq the reason we don't let kids do sexual things is the same reason we don't let them touch hot pots on the stove, or shove forks into electrical outlets.

It's because we love them and care for them.

And in case you get confused by the word "love" it's generally defined as putting the welfare of someone else above your own.

So you can't love a child if your motive is sex with that child.

@JSDorn @MilquetoastQT @sapphire @sysrq @TheRealist @Chizu @EnjuAihara

Lmaooo a nazi talking about child care. Last time thanks to the wise politics of your blabbering, brain-damaged meth addict king, the greatest mass child rape ever took place. Imagine: from the american cotton picker, to the desert nomad, to the tatar hunter and so on; all of them enjoyed the legal, unlimited rape of german little girls. This is how the nazis "protect" their own, by leading them to destruction.

@Creepy_is_Sexy @JSDorn @MilquetoastQT @sysrq @TheRealist @Chizu @EnjuAihara “hm yes Americans and Russians raping a populace is the fault of…. Hitler”

@sapphire @JSDorn @sysrq @TheRealist @Chizu @EnjuAihara @MilquetoastQT You started WWII to "cleanse" eastern europe and conquer more land for your aryan children and instead you got them raped and killed lmao gg nazi best protectors ever.

@Creepy_is_Sexy @MilquetoastQT @sapphire @sysrq @TheRealist @Chizu @EnjuAihara the losers get the blame for losing and letting their evil satanic enemies rape their women and children? That's a new take.

@JSDorn @MilquetoastQT @sapphire @sysrq @TheRealist @Chizu @EnjuAihara Are you roleplaying as a 60yo demented qboomer or are you serious? Himmler was knee-deep into occultism you mongoloid. If someone was "satanic" those were the nazis, whom had also made plans, once the war was won, to eradicate christianity in Germany.

@Creepy_is_Sexy @MilquetoastQT @sapphire @sysrq @TheRealist @Chizu @EnjuAihara lol I'm pretty sure the Qoomer take right now is that the Jews were the REAL Nazis and Hitler was just a stooge to the Rothschild's.

You have a neat little mix of retarded normies takes on WW2 and the genocidal hoaxes so prominently featured in all the hip histories of that era.
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