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New adoptables set featuring Sonic OCs, If you or know of someone who is need of a new character design, feel free to DM or email me. Check here for the prices and details:

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A fun little exercise I put together, where I turned both of my cats into characters. I was in a big fantasy mood when coming up with their designs, which seemed fitting considering both of their stories and personalities.

Oh dear diary, I met a boy.
He made my dull heart, light up with joy.
Oh dear diary, we fell apart.
Welcome to the life of, Electra Heart.
~Bubblegum Bitch, Marina & The Diamonds

Thought I would make some proper pieces for some of my fan OCs.

Birthday gift art to my online friend and Youtube collaborator Justinfinity, a little something to help attract his female audience. ;3
Check out his reviews:
Days spent: 5-6 days
Layers used: 22
References Used: 6
Program Used: Clip Studio Paint
Art By: Carly.H (me)

You walk into an old mansion in the darkest of nights, a mysterious woman greets you inside as she lights a bunch of candles, and takes out a book.

"My name is Timore, shall we begin tonight's morale lessons?"

New webcomic series: Tales of Fear, coming soon.

"Maybe you should add a silver bracelet."
"That's not really my style, you know?"
Days spent: 2

New adoptables set featuring anthro/furry OCs, If you or know of someone who is need of a new character design, feel free to DM or email me. Check here for the prices and details:

Thumbnail commission for Justinfinity and his recent Spider-man PS4 review. Since the game features a bunch of unlockable skins, we pretty much gave the design our own little twist, with mixing his avatar with the original look.
Clear time: 7 hours + 13 minutes

Characters from left-to-right:

Elise Cravas – Human/Wizard
Tawny Barrington – Tiefling/Rouge
Adelia Simmons – Half-elf/Sorcerer
Sora Gadhavi – Human/Monk

May make full separate bios for each of them later, if people want to know more about their backstories or so.

My small grip is there aren’t players that take initiatives, to make custom stories, and rely on pre-made ones from the guides. IMO, if more could take the time and be more creative on the journeys, not only it'll help them with writing, but give everyone something new to enjoy.

I may not have talked about it as much, but I play D&D from time to time. My bf looks for sessions to join, and sometimes bring me around to whenever I’m not busy. Granted I’m not the best RPer, but I do enjoy the concepts of character making and the world within the game itself.

I actually took some time to buy and play Animal Crossing for the first time, and I can easily say I was missing out.

Here's something similar to the "let's make an OC challenge" memes, but with how my viewers would see me as an animal villager. No joke, I'd probably would want this squirrel in my village, would you too?

Clear Time: 2 hours + 25 minutes

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