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New adoptables set featuring Sonic OCs, If you or know of someone who is need of a new character design, feel free to DM or email me. Check here for the prices and details:

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Meant to post this at an earlier date, but many stuff happened. lol

Commission for
SuddenElephant on Twitter as a present to a friend. Could have maybe toned down on some of the light effects around the trees, and what not. Also wanted to practice more on dynamic pieces. Hope they liked it.


"Would you be willing to take this little goddess home?"

Thought I would attempt at making a design for a dakimakura pillow.
Days spent: 4-5

Thumbnail commission for KishtiMC's latest review on the second and third films of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. More commission for her are being worked on as of now, many of which I'm saving until video releases.
Clear Time: 12 hours + 37 minutes

My 4th thumbnail commission to Justinfinity, for his Rising of the Shield Hero review. Shading kinda had some issues with me on this one; some of the darker parts look like they’re fading with the airbrush lights, but this was a nice piece to make on overall.
Days spent: 3

June has arrived, meaning summer is finally near! Even though it’s sort of my least favorite season, still wanted to make an excuse to draw my OCs in swimwear lol.
Clear Time: 12 hours + 37 minutes



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