@pawoo please add a feature where we can upload videos as well it's been 3 yrs and there's still non thank you

I wanna go to indonesia and take a picture on the tallest banana tree and take a picture with its banana fruit

I'm scarrreeeeeeed like super anxious for next year I just found out we'd be starting out first research defense nxt year and IDK HOW TO FEEL SINCE I FEEL EXTRA DUMB THIS WHOLE SOPHOMORE YEAR IDK IF IM READY FOR IIITTT AAAAAAAAAA THIS TOO SHALL PASS WILL NOT AIM FOR ANYTHING GREAT BUT I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER

a year since corona ,,,, I feel demotivated and Dae is sick after getting his second shot of pfizer. I hope he feels better tomorrow he's sleeping rn. Iloveyouu

i feel like i hv somehwre below the knee fracture

i mean i didnt drink but i need to recharge and be alone for like atkeast 3 days its my dosage LMAO

i bought 6 other books from booksale all historical fiction

too lazy to.move a limb but i gotta go to school erk-

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