@littleone is the image supposed to be all purple?

@Yoki I just followed cause someone reblogged it and I recognized it as another person I follow a lot

@CumfacedBecca For every one year of service you get one year off the age of consent for you only, now you have a full pedo army

@Kaety Yeah it’s by design that Nazi uniforms make you think about sadism and mystic power.

@Kaety There also is a difference between noting how the SS had designer uniforms made to be intimidating and fashionable, and thinging that makes them more than thugs

Some day I gotta get into that childpawn place...

I was recommended to post some but it still feels weird lmao

@AbNormal @LoliKing @yes @Chizu @cunny The thing about Tumblr is it was free so no one lost money, but now everyone is gonna leave to another site and Onlyfans will die


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