Hey if you're following me
Follow me on baraag
Gonna try and move there
Sorry for the inconvenience

I want physical affection
Genuinely thinking about just offering myself on grindr or something just so I can temporarily feel wanted and someone's warmth

Fuck I'm pathetic

hello suicidal thoughts
please allow me to die

Actually I'm starting to be reminded of why I didn't like Inkbunny; When every other website disallows certain kinds of content, you ONLY get that kind of content on your website I'd you allow it. I like variety. I want all my variety in one place.

Least pawoo is for artists of any kind and is actually varied.

One thing I like about this website is that I get to see people be more explicitly horny without worry of twitter mobs and that's pleasant



@satori I realize you're going to be biased but should I move from Pawoo to Baraag? I've been considering it. I guess what I mean is...Why Baraag and not Pawoo?

Reminder to all fairies out during Halloween night to be back home before midnight.

Is there like, a word for spontaneous strong feelings of loneliness?
Cause I have that right now and it sucks.

Also I discovered that Limp Bizkit is a decent band

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