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Hello friends, I'm back and I'll be posting and making more content soon! but a message for new followers first. Everything I post on this page is all fantasy, it centers around the pedoglorification fetish, many survivors of CSA like myself enjoy this fetish to cope, it centers around glorifying pedophilic activity, while not actually participating in it. I do not harbor CP and never will. please contact me if something I post bothers you.

Hello everybody. I just want to put out there that i'm always lookin around for new friends. so please don't hesitate to DM me on wickr at likehoney, or telegram at Fullmaster0. I'm looking for people 19-23 that would enjoy having sfw gaming sessions and perhaps watching youtube together. Nerds preferred!!! Queer friendly!

im gonna go gay for trump (why is this bot so good oml)

jerking to babies feels so fucking good, dm me on wickr at likehoney if you wanna watch me

Those long text posts nonwithstanding. I hope you continue to enjoy my posts about pedophilia, child rape, dismemberment, and what ever else i fantasize about in any given day. and I hope you respect that I seek to explore the taboo nature of pedophilia, not to condone it in real life.

If you believe that sexual contact with minors is less of a problem as the media makes it out to be, well, perhaps you're right. but it is a problem. no amount of mental gymnastics can change that. I do not support child pornography, I will not call you a monster and sick the FBI on you if you say you've enjoyed it, but I will also not stand here and support Child Sexual Assault evidence being used for something so vapid as self-pleasure. I have morals, and I am going to stand for them.

I have heard rationalizations of sexual contact under the terms that contact "isn't always harmful" or that contact "is only harmful because society says it is", these are clear justifications for the violation of another individual's human rights disguised as "sexual freedom". In societies where sex with children had been normalized, PTSD symptoms were common in children despite the sex not having been what many pro-c's would consider "rape". I will not support this. contact is rape. 2/2

I have officially moved from baraag to pawoo, as there was a number of people critically misinterpreting the meaning and purpose of this page. So I figured it's time for a little change. and I want to make clear in no subtle fashion that I am not an advocate for sexual contact with any person below 18 by any person above 18. I have thought the issue over thurougly over the past few days, and I will not support the real life abuse of children. I am not a pro-pedophile person. Abuse is abuse. 1/2

Feeling like hanging out and gaming with more people. if you'd like to voice chat and you're a nepi(baby sex lover) and a snuff fan, then please dm me any time. I'm just looking for some new friends to talk to, a very good nepi/pedo friend had to leave me so i have a void in my life. i just wanna watch tv and play video games, possibly meet irl some day, if that sounds fun, just message me.

Fantasy, baby, rape 

Toddlercon Baby Babycon Blood Rape 

I'm gonna be 100% real with you guys, I love watching videos of babies getting fucked in the ass balls deep.

any CP lovers feel free to contact me on wickr at likehoney I can't send any but i'd definitely be up to voice chat about it! text chatting is fun too!

P.S. CP stands for Coconut Party obviously 😘 🥥 🍕

Attention all pedo fetishists. Our Wickr group is now open for new members to apply! in order to apply, please DM likehoney on wickr with the following things,
your age
your sex
your country
your hobby
then the mod will let you into the private baby fetish group, and remember. We're here for everyone, we do not judge, and we just want to have pleasure and fantasy.

Hello everybody, this is an open invitation to anybody that sees this and won't judge me for my baby kink to hang out! yes I mean personally, my social media is in my bio. I do not support CSA or CSA content, I love fantasy and hentai!
Hit me up any time.

Please remember, I am a baby kinkster, I do not support sexual contact with minors. ever.

I woke up this morning and had a thought about a picture or story I've never seen anybody make. A workaholic dad passes out from a long shift, and after about 8 hours his little baby girl crawls into his bedroom and under his covers and starts suckling on his cock. this wakes him up pretty quick, and in his morning haze he puts the baby in a breeding press and fucks her anally balls deep until he creampies her! then he makes her breakfast XD

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