#shota #digimon Commission from @Aogami showing Tai and Izzy along with Willis, TK, Tommy and Takuya. Someone was kind enough to color the 1st image, whoever you are thank you! I made a follow up image of the two of them and on the bottom new concept idea of shortstack hung younger boys being paired with older boys in a race. Hmm I wonder what other festivities will come in the future. :blobowoevil:

#Cody from #The_Rescuers_Down_Under gets tickled in a dungeon by #Aqua_Bear. You might think he'd be worried, but this was actually Cody's idea! He really likes it.

This animation was a challenge to create, but I like how it turned out. Thanks to Shimmers for supporting me with this commission!

#TheRescuers #The_Rescuers #tickle #tickling #consensual #animated #animation #The_Rescuers_Down_Under #bondage #shota #shotacon #nipple_play #nipples #Aquabear #CareBears #Care_Bears

You know I had been thinking about whether to show some my art works w because sometimes when I just don't have the head to draw I do edits like this
I take a character from some doujin from here to some shota from there and join them to try to do something new I don't know how well this one is, but it's just to hang out.
So Shotatober #7 Abduction.(Edited work)

Finally I was able to devote some time to drawing, I must repractice my anatomy and use more references.
Which one would they choose?
Shotatober #6 Selection

Day 5 Anal sex

I wanted a couple of characters that can do what the dumb friend and the perv friend can't for a while. I didn't mean to at first but Aoi and the green hair boi suits it eventually.

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Day 3
I want to fully paint this pic later.
It's so hard to crop and post it on Twitter though.

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Shotatober #4 Chained and #5 Doubt.
I am very sorry about the posts I just got a job and it has eaten, a lot of my little free time.

I really want to try this but idont know if my homework would let me xD

A couple of brothers. Some wrestling after a bath got steamy quick~ #shota #incest #nsfw

I love how light can give us completely different stories, maybe I should still practice more but for now I am happy.

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