Merry Christmas [commiss]
Thank you so much for all your support i hope you all have a great day and my best wishes for you.
#shota #shotacon #yadiel #christmas

The little wild one was captured
Who will claim the sweet prize of the From tonight's hunt?
I was imagining a story for this boy and others so I think I have to study how make a cómic or just images with context
Les molestaría que hablara en español xD?

I think this will be my first oc that I liked 100% I just have to practice to try to do it the same every time.
Well you will be seeing a lot of this little boy from the jungle being Hunted and Used by hunters in the area.

I have finally returned with this and other works that I will upload these days although I still struggle with proportions and anatomy any advice?
Please do not upload my illustrations outside this platform and if you do do not give me credits or tell others where to find my work, I still don't feel comfortable with the idea of being known as shota r18 artist.

Link snuck into Santa's North Pole base to steal even more presents. He gets caught and sexually tormented! 🍑 🍆

Hope you have a really gay new year! ❤️ :butt_plug:


Man on Shota, rough. 

No specific story for this one, it's an offshoot of a different thing I started animating.

So, I'm curious what scenario you're imagining here, everyone. Some roleplay? A kidnapping? A burglary gone wrong (or very right?).

#ManOnShota #3d #animation #sfm #rough #masked

#shota #digimon Commission from @Aogami showing Tai and Izzy along with Willis, TK, Tommy and Takuya. Someone was kind enough to color the 1st image, whoever you are thank you! I made a follow up image of the two of them and on the bottom new concept idea of shortstack hung younger boys being paired with older boys in a race. Hmm I wonder what other festivities will come in the future. :blobowoevil:

#Cody from #The_Rescuers_Down_Under gets tickled in a dungeon by #Aqua_Bear. You might think he'd be worried, but this was actually Cody's idea! He really likes it.

This animation was a challenge to create, but I like how it turned out. Thanks to Shimmers for supporting me with this commission!

#TheRescuers #The_Rescuers #tickle #tickling #consensual #animated #animation #The_Rescuers_Down_Under #bondage #shota #shotacon #nipple_play #nipples #Aquabear #CareBears #Care_Bears

You know I had been thinking about whether to show some my art works w because sometimes when I just don't have the head to draw I do edits like this
I take a character from some doujin from here to some shota from there and join them to try to do something new I don't know how well this one is, but it's just to hang out.
So Shotatober #7 Abduction.(Edited work)

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