@ojingeo hey dude I just wanted you to know that TONS of people on Twitter are supporting you and shitting on that dumbass that drove you away. I was only able to find you because a good samaritan dropped your pixiv link. Sorry you had to go through that bullshit dude but just know your art is fantastic and you have tons of people backing you up 👍

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@levi @yolo @cdmnky you don't know a damn thing about me nerd :^)

@silenxe holy shit that looks hard as fuck lol

@levi @yolo @cdmnky ordering a burger at McDonald's is a slippery slope towards ordering fries lmfao

@levi @yolo @cdmnky anime is fantasy dude. Liking cat girls has nothing to do with trannies ffs

@levi @yolo @chara @sjw @cdmnky I agree with your sentiments 100%. While I would never tell you what to believe, I would say that you should start with the assumption 'I don't know' and then proceed to dive as deep as you fuckin can to figure out what the truth is. If Christianity is your path of choice fine, don't force others onto your path. Those who speak don't know, those who know don't speak. Fix yourself1st

@levi @yolo @chara @sjw @cdmnky dude nobody likes Christians shoving their faith down everyone's throats. What you think you're gonna convert some people with a fire and brimstone argument? Focus on your faith because you clearly haven't done enough of that yet. Smh

@levi @yolo @cdmnky bro cat girls are the purest form of life below Christ and Buddha and if you don't agree idk bro just kys I guess

@cdmnky @levi @yolo @chara @sjw there's a lot more than meets the eye to the metaphysical stuff, but believe what you like. I don't understand why this platform has so many extremists of every stripe tbh lol

@chara @cdmnky @levi @yolo @sjw hey bro, I relate to your struggle but relax yeah? I went through a nihilist phase when I was an edgy teen too. Everyone either grows out of it or usually they self destruct as a result.

@CvcvcvEbooks calm down and find christ my son. I love you as a meme but as a person I'm concerned for your well being.

@ryuichi national Socialism has never been so cute

@LimticLewd boys are better at being women than women are.

@proxeus @nosleep @roka ahh a man of culture I see. Cyan is the height of moe

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Daily reminder that homosexuality is a trial from God. Please don't succumb to your aberrant, intrinsically disordered urges and instead try to gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection by living in chastity.

It is not impossible for you to overcome your condition and receive salvation through our Lord's grace!
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