reporting to you live from my bedroom; how stupid is the public school system? I’m glad you asked! It’s so stupid that those 16 assignments I had that were due last night were just announced as due next week. WHAT THE HECK? Why do teachers do this? Like, if it’s an assignment for tomorrow, don’t extend it AFTER you just made me lose my mind at 3 am doing it! Ffsjvhjrfheufehfuehr

My teacher just gave me 16 math assignments… I actually hate it here (and by here I mean public school systems)

Don’t you just LOVE going to school after break? Like, isn’t is just the best feeling?! I totally enjoyed waking up at 5 IN THE MORNING today and waiting in the literal freezing rain for 30 minutes!!! It was just SO MUCH FUN getting home at 7 and being exhausted because I do way too many extracurricular activities!

… can’t wait until I’m older 😭

Think I have either covid or the flu… runny nose and feeling very warm

Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

My mom and I have been cooking all day, so exhausted lol

My school’s marching band just got permission to play at football games this season!!! I did it last year but I can’t wait to see the new costumes (I’m a dancer so I get different uniforms each game)

Alr so I’ve been arguing with my friend for the past week- are crystals affective for spiritual health or whatever? I think no, it’s just a crystal. She thinks yes, they hold special energy. I’m not crazy right? Like, it’s literally just a rock

Got a 93 on the disgnostic
I keep forgetting I’m not a complete idiot lmao, I guess I’ve survived another year in the messed up public school system

I hate state testing so much it literally sucks. My whole class has to take this diagnostic and it’s like so many questions… wish me luck lol

What do people mean when they say “trade”? I thought it was just me but it sounds so random and ominous

Ughh psat’s drained all my energy. I thought I’d be fine but 4 straight hours of testing is the worst. And this was just the middle school version… so tired rn

What’s a ‘cumdum’? I’m starting to feel like I’m too dumb to understand this type of stuff


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